The Firm

In the early nineties founder Earl Hunter owned and operated two successful modeling agencies.  This involvement in the growing local film and fashion industries paired with his legal background allowed him to assist and advise these industries with diverse legal challenges and contract management.

Today EQM Hunter is an established law firm with diverse capabilities and strengths that has continuously re-educated itself to remain on the cutting edge of newly developing nuances within the law.

We aim to advise and provide clients with solutions, strategies and direction for their businesses – including but not limited to deal creation for high net worth JSE listed clients.

We are well known for our premium quality legal services, offered to both local and international clientele.

The firm is supported by Messrs Finestone, Van Rensburg and Buswell and together the team has adopted a robust attitude which is highly committed to swift and effective resolution of legal matters.

The people behind EQM Hunter

Meet the Team

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